Loving Long Weekends – and then reality hits!

Loving Long Weekends – and then reality hits!

Labour Day weekend is quickly approaching…which is awesome of course, because it’s a long weekend.  But this long weekend is different.  This is the long weekend that ends off with something that not everyone always enjoys…Change.  Yup! I said it…change.  The days start to get shorter, the weather starts to get cooler and the kids are back at school…you may even find your getting more work emails!

It’s GO time in September!  What to do?!

First things first, RELAX and enjoy every second of what’s left of the summer.  Don’t be too worried about having to get a million things done, just take on what tasks need to get done one by one to prep for back to school time.

Check out the following article all about Labour Day Fun!  We’ll get to how to deal with all the back to school stuff soon enough 😉

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