Balanced Diet, Balanced Meals, What’s it all Mean?

Balanced Diet, Balanced Meals, What’s it all Mean?

When it comes to eating healthy, how many times do you hear “it’s about a balanced diet”?  …Probably a bazillion!  Does it ever get frustrating?  What does that actually mean?  Well, the short answer is – it’s different for everyone (I know…way to make it even more complicated!).  But it’s true, eating a balanced diet is different depending on your age, activity level and what your body needs in terms of nutrients on any given day.

If you just ran a marathon, your balanced diet is going to look A LOT different than if you just went to work and an evening yoga class…LOVE yoga though, just saying 😉

One thing that will stay consistent is the idea of what makes up a “balanced meal”…Want to learn more?  Read the following article I wrote on What does a Balanced Meal Mean 

How do you make your meals balanced?

Keep Shining! 🙂

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